• Tendresse & amour!

    Tendresse & Amour

    L'amour sans poésie est semblable à un nuit sans étoile.

    Tendresse & amour!

    Sans passion, la vie est terne.

    Tendresse & amour!

    Tendresse féminine, tendresse sublime.

    Tendresse & amour!

    Une attente interminable!

    Emilie Autumn

    "Save You"

    How do I save you from a fate so sweet
    As being torn to pieces by a loving hand
    How do I save you from a voice so soft
    As that which acquiesces to your each demand
    How do I look upon the eyes I love
    And send them down this path, I know it isn't right
    How do I make you realize my love
    That there is more to fear than strangers in the night

    How do I save you
    How do I set you free
    Behind the curtain waits a darker world
    If I can't make you leave
    How can I save you from me

    I think you've had enough experience
    To differentiate between a heart of gold
    And what you cradle in your gentle arms
    Can you not recognize a soul already sold
    How do I save you from the things I've been
    I can't deny the past, it's written on my face
    How do I save you from the mess you're in
    When I can't make you leave this torturous embrace



    Tendresse & amour!



    Tendresse & amour!

    Je t'attendais.

    Auteur : Rihanna

    Chanson : I Hate That I love You.

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